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  • Does this home whitening work for everyone?
    Everyones teeth will whiten at different speeds just as each persons body will tan at certain speeds. Some see results after one 16 minute timed session wheras some with take 3 or more uses to see results. The key for whiter teeth is consistency. Crowns and restorations will not likely change color. Instrinsic stains caused by medications of tooth defects will also not likely change.
  • How often should I whiten my teeth with the LED home kit?
    You can whiten your teeth up to 5 days a week. 30 minutes per use to see best results. After you reach your desired level of whiteness you can taper off to 1-2 days a week for 16 minutes for maintenence.
  • Can I use the mouthpiece without gel for oral healing?
    Yes! Some studies have shown that less than 5 minutes per day is all that is needed to prevent much gum disease. (Click Harvard Study link on homepage "Studies" for more info about blue light therapy only.) 10 minutes once a week is still good if daily is too time consuming. You might as well add your whitening gel to teeth and do 16 minutes atleast once a week to hit two birds with one stone though.
  • Is teeth whitening safe for my teeth? Does it hurt?
    After the adult teeth are done developing, whitening has been shown to be safe on the enamel. Over exposure can cause minor tooth sensitivity but that is why we have added a desensitizing pen with fluoride to provide relief to consumers with sensitvity. Simply brush a thin layer on teeth and wear under mouthpiece to hold in place for 16 minutes after whitening treatments. Be careful not to get too much whitening gel on the gum tissue because it can cause slight temporary irritation. Carbamide peroxide can turn soft tissue white momentaritly. That is why we created customized brush wands to deliver precise control of whitening gel to desired surfaces only, unlike messy syringes or strips.
  • How old do I have to be to whiten my teeth?
    Minors under 18 should be under the supervision of a parent. Teeth whitening is recommended for fully developed adult teeth only. If under the age of 18 responsibility must be maintained by the user to exercise proper control of teeth whitening products. (Not recommended for users under 13 years of age.) PG13


Nothing on this website should be construed as dental advice in any way and therefore should not be regarded as such.

Your dental professional can provide additional advice concerning your overall dental or oral health needs. Advice from a licensed oral care professional may be given on this website as additional oral educational purposes.

ENVISMILE or its affiliates are not responsible for any liable event when using our products. You should discontinue any product that causes adverse reactions or is no longer in a good working condition. 

The whitening process is usually spread out through several treatments so the change can be subtle. This can cause people to think the whitening is not as effective as it actually is. We recommend taking a photo before and after to compare after 1-2 weeks of whitening 3-4 times per week. Our products are extremely effective. However, there are many factors that can effect results and perception of results. Here are some of the most common.


Teeth are genetically different. Teeth whitening will only whiten to your natural whitest tooth color. Some individuals' natural teeth have a slightly yellow tint because the inner layer of the tooth called the dentin is naturally yellow or gray tinted. This is normal among individuals. It is important to be realistic with your expectations. In-office whitening may also give you a powerful boost within a 1hr session with a professional. 


Also all tooth staining is not created equal and will react differently to whitening. For example, antibiotic staining is for more difficult to remove then wine staining. Dental fluorosis is also internal staining that can not be altered is many cases.


Repeat Users

Occasionally, customers who whiten for the 2nd time expect the same dramatic results from the 1st application.

When your teeth are already a much lighter shade, you will see less of a result .

Do not use if wires are exposed or expose wires to water to avoid electrical shock. ENVISMILE and its affiliates will not be held liable in the event of any electrical or malfunction of devices from operator use. If defective device is under warranty send it in for a new one.

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