Teeth Whitening Training & Certification

Professional Whitening Class
Hands-on Training with Certificate 
Start A New Business
 Earn $150-$250 Per Client or $9,000/mo UNCAPPED INCOME
2 Training Locations: Private Training 1-on-1
Miami, Oklahoma and Dallas, TX
By Appointment ONLY
Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to start a lucrative professional teeth whitening business. Full business training, hands-on-training, website building, marketing, laws governing teeth whitening, protection from our attorneys to practice this highly sought after service without interruption. We will show you how to keep your patient cost lower than any other whitening training program found online and give you access to wholesale prices lower than what the dentist typically pays!
4100 Spring Valley Rd STE 158 Dallas, TX 75244
Brock Studio
107 1/2 S. Main St
Miami, OK 74354
(Door on the right)
Text Natasha Brock at: 214-810-6499

Our training facility is a GREAT starting point for business owners, self employed, or entrepreneur lifestyle seekers to come learn, and be exposed to the realities of business ownership without making a lofty investment into something that will develop into nothing or leave them unfulfilled. We are a business training module with a focus on helping entrepreneurs blossom and create thriving and fulfilling work.