"After traveling to provide 1 on 1 oral care for over 20,000+ patients and 80+ dentists, I listened to top concerns and have treated gum disease at its worst. The dental hygienist is often the one who sees the oral condition in it's worse state, cleaning the patient before the dentist even gets a chance to look at them between visits.  They see how much deposit is actually hidden within your mouth and witness the bleeding effects of inflammation. I have witnessed too many people loose their teeth to gum disease. This disease is preventable and manageable. I also witnessed oral damage from toothbrushes. That is why I wanted to create a NEW modern luxury dental line with the best complete natural benefits optimized for YOUR top oral health needs. A top complaint among patients is wanting whiter teeth but not being able to afford $500 in-office whitening. This is why I created a professional whitening system the same as take home whitening gel with trays. Our tray is an ergonomically designed one-size fits all tray to eliminate messy impressions. Our organic whitening gel is a special formula handcrafted in the USA and designed to be used safely at home to build towards your desired shade.. We cut corners on small things like affordable luxury packaging to keep your buying costs low. Supplying organic, vegan, or all natural ingredients with leading science based technology is our objective. We use advanced technology to deliver extra results outside of the box. Blue light at 480nm has been shown to reduce bleeding gums by up to 66%  while destroying the bad bacteria and preserving the healthy flora. Targeting bad bacteria with a simple home device provide 3 benefits-in-one. Now more than ever people are learning the profound importance that oral health has on our total body health. I wanted to deliver a more clean sophisticated oral health line that excites peoples senses, makes them eager to use, and delivers real results without all of the over-commercializing. I hope to deliver an innovative brand that reshapes how we think about oral health. -Natasha Brock, R.D.H. CEO