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Creator, Natasha R.D.H.


"After working 13 years providing 1 on 1 oral care for over 10,000+ patients and working for more than 80+ dentists as a dental hygiene contractor, I treated my fair share of gum disease. I wanted to create a modern oral care line to address the consumers TOP WANTS AND NEEDS. I have also listened to the concerns of patients wanting whiter teeth quickly at more affordable options. I formulated a 1 hour whitening bar so people can brighten their smile on the fly as often as every 3-12 months. Our professional home packages have been mindfully designed with 450nm of LED light technology to accelerate teeth whitening, block halitosis and help prevent gum disease all at once! Our sonic LED electric toothbrush also whitens and polishes at a faster RPM than the leading sonic toothbrush. Blue light at 450nm has been shown to reduce bleeding gums by up to 66%  while destroying bad bacteria and preserving healthy flora. Building this technology into our products offer 3 amazing benefits-in-one. Now more than ever people are learning the profound importance that oral health has on total body health. I wanted to deliver a clean sophisticated oral  line that excites people and provides amazing health benefits.

-Natasha Brock, R.D.H. CEO

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